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adrian thin chain - square clementine tree pendant

adrian thin chain - square clementine tree pendant

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Sometimes a chain itself is not enough. Set another accent by attaching a pendant then. Our square clementine stands out in two ways. The squared shape breaks through the round pattern jewelry is often associated with. Not only visibly but also regarding its sustainability this piece is shiny. This unique add-on will last forever while giving you a great feeling showing it.  

The clementine tree is finely engraved on a square pendant. The chain is 55 cm long and 2,1 mm wide.  

Ring sizes

Option 1: Simply cut out a narrow strip of paper about 10cm long and wrap it lengthwise around your finger. Then mark the end of the overlap with a pencil and measure the marked distance with the ruler. The result in millimeters corresponds to your ring size. 

For example, a distance of 5,7 cm corresponds to ring size 57. 

Option 2: Use a ring that you already have at home and that fits perfectly on the corresponding finger.  

You can measure the diameter with a ruler or tape measure and then multiply the value by 3.14. The result corresponds to your ring size. The result corresponds to the ring size 

Currently we offer sizes 57, 60, 63 & 67 for all rings. Other sizes are not available at this time, but we are working on offering more sizes soon.  

Care information

To make sure your jewelry stays shiny and bright for a long time, we have prepared tips & tricks for you on how to care for, store and clean your jewelry.

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