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We are the sustainable fine jewelry label for all genders. All pieces are sustainably made with high environmental and social standards, certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council and the Business Social Compliance Initiative. The pieces go with any outfit - and last a lifetime. Furthermore, we donate 1% of our sales to climate protection projects from the 1% for the planet network. 

With your help and the successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter we were able to develop our first collection - discover your pieces now! 

Our vision

We want to contribute to a positive change in fashion & lifestyle with sustainable, gender-neutral jewelry! Day by day, piece by piece. 

Your jewelry

The designs are suitable for every stage of jewelry lover. If you are new to this fashion, our timeless and classy looks are perfect for finding your style and building confidence. In case you are regularly wearing jewels, our pieces will be the one, special gem that represents your values while accompanying you for a long time! 

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  • Longevity

    Tired of your jewelry losing its colour after three wears? With us you get a high-quality piece of jewelry that is coated with a thin layer of rhodium. The rhodium protects the 925 silver from tarnishing and discolouration. 

  • Lifestyle and statement

    Our pieces go with any outfit - and make a statement for a positive change in fashion & lifestyle. Clementine jewelry combines style with environmental protection and fair production conditions - make a stylish statement! 

  • Sustainable manufacturing

    Sustainability in production is the reason why we started clementine jewelry. All pieces are made from 100% recycled 925 silver and manufacturing meets high environmental & social standards. Discover more details here

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the why ...

We are Jahno and Philipp and we both try to make conscious choices, be it in terms of food, mobility or fashion. But we couldn't find a gender-neutral jewelry label that fits our demand for sustainable consumption. 

From the destruction and pollution of vast landscapes in the mining of raw materials to the terrible working conditions in manufacturing, the story of most jewelry is not as shiny as it looks. To change that, we need sustainable jewelry labels with responsibly made pieces. And that's what we've made our mission: to contribute to a positive change in the fashion & jewelry industry and that is why we founded clementine jewelry. 

Let's go on this journey together - together with you we want to change the jewelry & fashion industry, piece by piece! 

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